Virtual Legal Staff Recruitment


What We Do

Legal Soft is a Los Angeles based recruitment firm dedicated to providing extensive recruiting services for law firms and organizations throughout California. At Legal Soft, we procure staff for all positions within a law firm, whether you need paralegals, secretaries, clerks, associate attorneys, or partnering attorneys. We are capable of recruiting permanent full-time employees in addition to contract and temporary employees.

At Legal Soft, we understand how important it is to hire the right people who are dedicated to the success of your company. Especially in a field as complex and nuanced as law, recruiting people with specialized expertise who are not only qualified for the job but are committed to a career that aligns with the values of your firm is essential.

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Direct Hiring

Legalsoft is capable of staffing all support positions in your law firm, ranging from full-time attorneys to temporary secretaries. Because we work in the legal field ourselves, we know full well the unique needs of all types of law firms, and which qualifications put a potential employee in the strongest position to be successful.

When it comes to assisting employment candidates, we work with almost all prominent law firms and organizations in California, and our strong reputation puts you in a great position when it comes to finding employment at the firm that’s right for you.

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Contract Employees

Utilizing contract employees who work for you temporarily can be a huge asset to your firm if you are receiving a higher volume of work or if you want to ensure that the employee is perfect for the position. We recruit exemplary contract employees for any position within a law firm and can handle any logistical worries related to the temporary employee.

If you are a candidate seeking temporary employment because you require a flexible work schedule, we can offer the possibility of positions ranging from support staff to attorneys at some of the most prestigious law firms in California.

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Searching for Attorneys

Hiring qualified and dedicated attorneys is at the core of what makes any law firm successful. Thus, ensuring that the attorneys you hire are committed and specially trained in the legal field you work in. At Legal Soft, we know how to recruit the attorneys that are perfect for your firm.